Monday, April 14, 2008

Miranda Can Teach Y'all About Small Towns

On Saturday, April 5th I had the great pleasure of seeing Miranda Lambert in concert. She was opening for King George (that would be George Strait and his 56 #1 singles to the uninitiated) in front of about 20,000 fans at The Colonial Center in Columbia, SC. Thankfully, those Strait fans stopped clinging to their guns and Holy Bibles long enough to lay down about $1.6 Million for a night's entertainment. Miranda toured with Strait last year but Little Big Town was supposed to open this show until it got postponed. The show got rescheduled and Miranda jumped in and did a great job.
Lambert, of course, burst on the scene with her ear (and eye)catching "Kerosene" a while back. But it's a hit of hers from last year that I thought of today while considering how little Senator Obama knows about small town America. See, Miranda Lambert knows quite a bit about the subject having grown up in a little Texas town. So, as a special tutorial for BXO, here's lesson #1 : "Famous In A Small Town." Not bitter.
And, when she sings "I just got the first buck of the season" that's a good thing. A real good thing out here where deer season and bass tournaments make the front page of the local paper.