Monday, February 2, 2009

Ayers, Blago, Rezko, Richardson, Geithner, Daschle and more.

During the transition much was made in the handmaiden press about how thorough the vetting process was for Lord Obama's administration. This weekend, as yet another dirty O pick was revealed, a close associate reminded us of that intrusive questionnaire that prospective members of the Obama team were required to fill out. The question was asked, "Whatever happened to those forms?" The answer could be: Nobody read them. Or it could be: Everybody lied on them and nobody really cared.

Don Suber points out who was in charge of vetting. It just happens to be the woman to whom Lord Obama wanted Blago to give his old US Senate seat.

"The vetting of these people was done by Valerie Jarrett, who Obama wanted to take his seat in the Senate. Let’s see, she is CEO of Habitat Co., which operates housing projects.After 5 years of her management, one 504-unit scored an 11 out of 100 in a federal inspection."

What a bunch of clowns.