Thursday, February 12, 2009

US Now Making Nice With Dictators

In September 2007 the Israelis took out a nearly completed nuclear reactor in Syria-- a plutonium factory on the Euphrates River built by the North Koreans. Syria is a state sponsor of world-wide terrorism. When Saddam was in power in Iraq Syria was his lifeline around sanctions. Syria has never had to answer how much of Iraq's WMD they took in during the period in early 2003 when the coalition massed for the long-telegraphed invasion of Iraq. In the dark days before we prevailed in Operation Iraqi Freedom the Syrian border served as a major transit point for terrorists determined to kill American and coalition forces. The Syrian dictator Assad is neck-high in blood.
So, how will Lord Obama deal with the murderous Assad regime?

The question comes a little late. Within the first two weeks of the Obama administration the Commerce Department agreed to trade deals with the terror regime. Claudia Rosett has the details, and tons of them, here. Yes, we are already holding out an olive branch to the thugs who want us and our allies dead.