Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Same Country, Different World

Nobody here at Monkeydarts Plantation ever reads Newsday. If it disappeared tomorrow we wouldn't know the difference, although I guess that whiny Ray Barone guy would be out of a job. But, we did see an article today because the good fellas at Maggie's linked to it. It's about Hillary's replacement in the US Senate and the fact that she's a Dem who owns guns. This is of no concern to us but reading the article is a reminder of just how different we are from our fellow citizens in the Northeast. I mean, the idea of an elected official in our state owning firearms wouldn't even make the paper let alone the "debate" it unleashes amongst constituents.

The funniest part though is the poll in the article.

Do you feel comfortable with Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand owning rifles?

A) I have no problem with it

B) I don't care but how does her husband feel?

C) Why does she need guns?

D) It's insensitive to gun violence victims

Now that's fall down, hold your sides hilarious. "Feel comfortable"?!?!?

There is no good answer, of course. "A" presumes there's something wrong with owning firearms. "Feelings" rule answer "B" while "D" seems to say that defending yourself against thugs with guns is insensitive to those who have already been preyed upon because they were unable to defend themselves. Our fave is "C" though. We can hear it with the same whiney Long Island accent of the aforementioned Barone, "Why does sheee neeeeeeed gunnnnns?"

The correct answer is, E) Why only two rifles? Doesn't she at least have a weapon for her purse? Is she committed to 2nd Amendment rights?