Sunday, February 22, 2009

Play Ball!

DeAngelo Mack smacks the 1st HR in Carolina Stadium

A respite from the insanity that is our ObamaNation is needed.
Right, Cocky?

Saturday the boys of summer, um spring, er WINTER played the first game at their brand new ballpark. It was a sunny afternoon for baseball and one of those typical February days here where you could wear shorts if you weren't sitting in the shade. Of course, in the shade you wanted a blanket, but hey, it's FEBRUARY BASEBALL! It'll be 90 degrees out soon enough-- AKA April.

1st pitch in Carolina Stadium

USC won 13-0 over Duquesne. A few Duquesne fans at the new Carolina Stadium report that their school is in Pittsburgh, PA. We'll take their word for it-- why would anyone lie about something like that? They thought Carolina was in Chapel Hill, NC and that USC was in California so we all learned something at the ol' ballpark. Despite the drubbing they got from the Gamecocks they vowed to show up for today's game as well as Monday's. Good sports, those Duquesne lads!

The SRO crowd was in excess of 8,000. Bobby Richardson, former USC coach and New York Yankees star threw out the first pitch and Darius Rucker sang the anthem.

Now isn't that better than thinking about Lord O for a few hours?
The State has the story and the pictures we used here.