Friday, February 6, 2009

Thin Skin

There's been a lot of behind-the-scenes complaining about the White House press office under Lord Obama. Some of the complaints have been about plain ineptitude and disorganization. Other complaints have been focused more on the attitude given off by the people charged with dealing with the press. Team Obama was used to glowing coverage from the Democrat handmaiden media during the campaign. No tough questions asked meant no need to deal with hard answers.

But, slowly, things are changing now that he's secured the office. ABC's Jake Tapper tried to ask a couple of questions yesterday that WH press secretary Gibbs didn't want to address. He blew off one and ignored the other. Watch here.

Can you even imagine how these people would deal with a genuinely hostile press? Thin skin seems to be contagious at The White House. Did they really think everyone was going to throw rose petals and bow down before Lord O? I think that, yeah, they did.

Here's an example of the President, at a time when he's desperately trying to pick off just a couple of Republican votes in the Senate for his massive spending bill, going off on Republicans while praising the biggest thorn in his side: Nancy Pelosi.

Back in 1993 the Clinton presidency got off to a famously horrible start, but in just a few weeks Lord O's crew has topped Bubba's mess. Totally FUBAR.