Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is It Curtains for Burris?

The gigantic Obama/Pelosi/Reid spending plan that they priced out at $800B but smarter folks say will cost us over $3Trillion would have died in the Senate if there weren't 60 votes for cloture. Reid and his gang had 59 votes-- 56 from the D caucus and 3 RINOS. Teddy the K had made an appearance earlier but wasn't available for the big vote. Sad Sack Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio was going to be MIA because his mother died and he was back in Ohio. So Harry was stuck at 59 votes. By now you know that Obama flew Brown back and forth between Youngstown and DC at great taxpayer expense to make sure his 60th vote was there. Holy carbon footprint, Barry!

One of those 60 votes was newly appointed Senator Burris from Illinois. (There's no evidence yet that he sought a payment from Obama for his vote.) But, now that the vote is done Burris is expendable. Former Mayor Harold Washington used to be fond of trotting out the old saw, "Politics ain't beanbag!" whenever the nasty side of The Chicago Machine was visible to the public. Burris was a pal of the late Mayor Washington. He's finding out these days that what The Machine giveth, The Machine can taketh away.

The indispensable Kass has the details. After just a month do you you think Americans are already getting tired of Chicago-style politics on the national stage?