Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If Your Head Isn't Pounding Already

Fully 22.5 million people in America today have government jobs. They are all paid in money extracted from taxpayers whether they are in national, state, or local government jobs. Across American private enterprise there have been massive productivity gains, especially in the post-microchip years. So, how about government workers... more efficient?... more productive?

Not so much. Right after World War II there were 26 American citizens per government bureaucrat. Today there are only 13.5 people for every government worker. Government work is steadily less efficient and becoming less productive at the exact same time that the private sector is driving more efficiency and higher productivity. On its own that's an unsustainable trend but add it to the exponential growth in the major entitlement programs-- social security, medicare, medicaid-- and it gets even more unsustainable.

So, what's Lord Obama's answer to this? More government jobs and sustained high tax rates on those Americans who can create private sector jobs. It won't work.