Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sounds Like It Was A Dog

During the endless campaign years of 2007 and 2008 I had a hard time sitting still to listen to Senator Obama. I heard people go on and on about his oratoricaql skill but to my ears it was ehdless, empty platitudes and gassy nothingness. It wasn't very hard to figure out he was a far left guy packaged to be palatable to 50% plus 1 of the electorate.

But, I must admit, listening to the HOPEful Obama was preferable to the new Scary Barry. Everything with this guy is disaster, calamity, the worst (insert challenge here) since the Great Depression... WWII... Lincoln's bipolarism... whatever. When I see him walk across the yard to climb aboard Marine One I can't help thinking, "there's a guy pretending to be President of the United States." And then he bumps his head and I think, "More Ford than Lincoln it would appear."

So, given my difficulty stomaching Scary Barry's rhetoric, coupled with the fact I love dogs, I didn't watch Lord O's big press conference last night. Instead I was tuned to The Westminster Dog Show. It was time for The Hound group while Lordy O was yakkin' after all. I didn't see O, I didn't hear O, and I slept like a beautiful American Foxhound after a long day chasing Mr. Fox.

This morning at 6:30 I get up and check the stock market futures and it was obvious that the press conference didn't go well-- not well at all.

And by the way, the judging of the Hounds Group left a lot to be desired too!