Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 2 for Client #9

It appears that Governor Spitzer didn't get caught in the investigation of a prostitution ring as it seemed yesterday afternoon.

Instead, the prostitution ring likely got caught in the investigation of Spitzer. Apparently the Guv of NY was suspected of laundering bribe money. In looking into that they found evidence that he was spending large sums of money on a high-priced money for sex operation.

Among the many questions--
-Was it his own money that he was throwing around?
-Was he taking bribes as suspected?
-If so were those payments made to stave off prosecution? Extortion anyone?
-Were the taxpayers of New York toting the note on some of his activities?
-Will Dick Grasso throw a party for all of the people who were attacked by Spitzer using his delightful prosecution through blackmail and intimidation tactics?
-What does his sock-puppet pal, James Cramer, the screamin' yahoo on CNBC, have to say about Evil El's fall from grace and into disgrace?

I've known a few egomaniacal narcissists in my working life. Let's just say Slimey Spitzer fits the profile perfectly. Note that in his statement Monday he apologizes for falling short of the Spitzer standard of conduct-- not the law.

He has always thought of himself as above the law. I assure you, he still does.