Monday, March 3, 2008

Such A Monday

Sitting down in the office on a Monday morning and preparing for the trading day it's always good to review the weekend's events around the world.

-President Uribe of Colombia, a valuable US ally, successfully launched a strike against FARC killing leader "Raul Reyes" and 16 other terrorists. However, his neighboring Marxist dictators, Chavez of Venezuela and Correa of Ecuador took offense and moved troops and tanks to the Colombian border. If they roll into Colombia there is little doubt we will come to Uribe's aid. I would also expect Pelosi, Dodd, Kennedy et al to protest. They're kinda sweet on Chavez. Wonder how Obama will react? He'll "hope for change."
- The US fired three precision missiles into the lawless Somalia town of Dobley in an attempt to kill more than a couple al Qaeda terrorists.
- The usual battles with Islamofascists took place in Gaza, Afghanistan and Iraq as well.
- Following the big selloff in the US Friday markets around the world fell before our opening bell.
- Oil hit $103+/ bbl in early trade. For some time the mainstream press reported oil selling in the $80's as "an all-time high." Adjusted for inflation it certainly was not. But, at $103 it certainly is.

So. Just another Monday. I better have another cup of coffee.

UPDATE: Throw in a little domestic terrorism too.