Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fill 'er Up

Our part of the country experienced a drought last summer. While the mid-section of the US was getting more rain than they wanted we in the Southeast were left with almost none. Living in a lakeside community we tend to pay attention to drought and it was pretty bad. Watering restrictions, closed boat launches, coves turned into meadows... that was what the summer/ fall of 2007 were about here.

During the summer and fall the local big city newspaper, The Metrolina Disturber, did multi-part thumbsucker stories about the end-of-life-as-we-know-it because rapid growth was taking all of the water etc. Of course the Warmists were quick to blame the drought on their all purpose reason for everything less than good: climate change. On one thing all of the "experts" agreed. It would take years to get our lake levels back up to full pool. Some said at least three years. Others said five. All said we would need above average rainfall to even get close to normal levels by 2011.

So, as spring begins after a winter of normal rainfall I stopped at the lake. It's full. The picture above is a cove that was bone dry in September and had even become a grassy meadow. You can fish for bass there this morning. How will the media deal with this? I can guess.