Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Prison Cell Blues

The champagne is iced down. OK, it's really Palmetto Porter, but who's checking. At 11:30 AM Evil El will, reportedly, be stepping down. Well, he actually can't step down since he started out lower than whale poop so let's rephrase that. He will resign. Allegedly.

Much is being made of how long it will take for Spit to exit the premises. Five days they say. I'll bet the industrial strength shredder won't be the first thing moved out of his office.

The other big topic is how Charlie Rangel's protege will be the new Guv. Good for him. And double good for Charlie who can't stand ElSpit. He used to call him, "the smartest guy in the world" with a sneer. So Rangel will own the Governorship of NY now like he owns ways and means. Except he doesn't have to listen to Pelosi when it comes to tellin' the new Guv what to do. The media also is pointing out, ad nauseum, that the incoming New York Governor is both black and blind. An associate pointed out this AM that he's just a guitar short of a blues act.

So, congratulations to Governor Jefferson. Now, where's that cham, er Palmetto Porter?