Saturday, March 22, 2008

Monkeydarts Is "On Assignment"

Yesterday a large part of the morning here was spent getting the lawn in shape. Mowing, edging, general cleanup all had to be undertaken at Dartland Plantation. It was in the mid-70's and clear as a bell. Nothing but Carolina blue skies. The ice cream truck even went by fer cryin' out loud! That's not what's pictured above by the way. And today we're hitting a beautiful 78 degrees just in time for all of the folks from Ontario, the Northeast, and the Midwest to spend spring break here at the beach or on the golf course. Great for the state's economy.

So, what's the main Dart doing for Spring Break? Getting on an airplane and heading for MichOhio via Chicago. That would be the same MichOhio where it's freezing and flooding simultaneously. And the same Chicago where 350 flights were hung up yesterday when 9 inches of cement-heavy snow fell on O'Hare. Swell. Who booked this trip anyway? Ah yes, the editor. I'm officially "on assignment." I always figured that's what they put on someones column when they were in rehab or having cosmetic surgery done. You know, "Moron Dowed is 'on assignment' this week. Her unreadable column will return next week." You just know she's actually having sumpthin' lifted, tucked, augmented, or she's going through an extensive detox.
But for you, dear loyal reader(s), there's HOPE! (TM-Obama 2008) And all you have to do is CHANGE! (TM-Obama 2008) your mouse position a tiny bit and click on this link:
That maneuver will take you to Chattering Teeth the clever and witty blog of one DaBlade. Now you won't catch this DaBlade guy complaining about traveling to the frozen north because he lives in Michigan year round. Talk about cuttin' out the middle man. Plus, he comes down on the right side of all the big issues of the day. And by right we mean right and correct, of course.
But, to sweeten the pot, he loves hockey and Detroit Tigers baseball. I know what you're thinking: you just hit the mother lode. And, get this, he can write about lacrosse so well it makes you actually want to pick up a lacrosse stick and go clobber somebody. So, check it out.
I'll be back after the spring thaw or Friday, whichever comes first. Meanwhile, I gotchyer "global warming" right here.