Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Day-- March 31, 2008

Yes, I know that the Oakland Athletics and an American League entry from somewhere in New England have already played two regular season games in Tokyo, Japan. I am also aware that The Worldwide Leader in Hype will be telecasting a contest between the Atlanta Braves and Dmitri Young's hapless WashGnats tonight. No matter. The real opening day will begin tomorrow at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan at 1:05PM EDT when Justin Verlander toes the rubber for the home nine. Unless it snows. Or there's freezing rain. Then opening day will be Tuesday.
The Tigers begin the 2008 season with three key players on the DL: Curtis Granderson, Fernando Rodney, and Joel Zumaya. But that's all just part of the plan to give the other AL teams a glimmer of hope. When that hope is snatched from them as the Detroits roar to a World Series win in October it will only add to the joy across Tigertown. And the misery in Gotham, Beantown, Coffee City, The Big Orange and Cleveburg.
Bless You Boys.