Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SRO for BXO Speech

I've been confidently predicting an Obama Presidency ever since I witnessed the Democrats' primary week here in South Carolina in mid-January. Soon thereafter Obama futures started trading higher than Hillary futures. Eventually they soared to predict a near certainty of the nomination. This morning he is still a shoo-in with a 74.3/25.0 edge over Hillary.

I was aware of BXO's potential problem with Jeremiah Wright, his hate-spewing, bigot/ mentor. But I never thought it would gain traction. Well, today the racist rhetoric story has enough traction that young BXO is giving a speech to try to do some quick damage control. This is quite a test for the fresh-faced junior Senator from Chicago. I'm sure the Axelrod and Plouffe laptops are red hot trying to craft a message that pulls off this neat trick-- remain politically viable without appearing to dump the spiritual leader of two decades standing.

Obama is the master of soaring rhetoric containing absolutely nothing. In a warehouse of empty suits his is the most attractive and stylish and yet, totally empty. All of which doesn't matter to his faithful. As we wrote here back on January 31, 2008: "Obama is pumping out the same sewage as all the other leftists, but from him it smells like sweet perfume."

However, the mission of the Philly speech this morning is quite different. Can he pull it off? It will be the best way to spend the morning as we wait for the FOMC announcement this afternoon._______________________________________
ADD: While Obama's futures for the D nom are still about where they've been for weeks his presidential futures are sliding a bit. He trades at 44.4 this AM while McCain is up to 39.0. The real effect of the Jeremiah Wright problem is more about November than the Denver convention-- but only because BXO's lead is virtually unassailable. Except by Clintonian hook or crook.