Thursday, March 6, 2008

Divided We Stand

It looks pretty certain that, as of next fall, we will be living in "A House Divided." No, I don't mean McCain/ Obama divided. I mean something far more serious in The Palmetto State: USC/ Clemson. Gamecocks/ Tigers. Garnet/ Orange. That kinda divided.
It's serious stuff. I've lived in the middle of Ohio State/ Michigan, Longhorns/Sooners, Stanford/Cal, UCLA/Southern Cal. None of those rivalries compares, up close and personal, to the University of South Carolina v. Clemson University. Especially during football season.
With one young Dartlad already matriculating at Carolina the fact that the youngest Dartlad is choosing Clemson from among the bidders leaves us with one simple fact to face:
We will be "A House Divided."
As for me, I'll root for the Gamecocks during football season, the Tigers during basketball season, and both teams during baseball season. When they play each other on the diamond I'll root for the team ranked highest in the nation. That oughta work.
He coulda made this easier and gone to Wofford. Go Terriers!