Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Yes, We Can!" Runs Into "Not So Fast"

The story line today is a variation on Hillary Rises From The Dead or Bloodbath To Come! It's important to remember a few things:

1. Because of proportional allocation of delegates the deck is stacked in Obama's favor now.

2. The media will promote Hillary now simply because it makes for a better story over a long summer.

3. Republicans will promote the "steel-cage death-match leading to blood in the streets in Denver" story.

4. Obama will likely win in Mississippi and Wyoming which come before the PA primary where Hillary will win but not make a big dent in his delegate lead.
5. Even Bubba and his bride know that finagling the nomination away from BXO (formerly the candidate known as BHO) will cause a chasm in the party not seen since 1964-68. It would blow apart the coalition upon which the Democrat Party has been built since 1965. Even if they don't care, others around them with future elections to ponder sure will.

The most likely Democrat nominee is still Barack X. Obama. His futures are trading at 70.3 this morning while hers are at 26.9. But the media, even the talk radio folks, will be pimpin' Hillary.