Friday, March 28, 2008

Look sharp! da-da-da-da-da Be sharp! da-da-da-da-da

While on super secret "assignment" over the past five days in far away, frozen MichOhio I was staying at the home of some of my longtime associates. The first morning there I discovered that I had failed to pack shaving cream. The man of the house has been an electric shaver user for about 15-20 years so I presumed I'd need to head out to the nearest MegaMart.
But wait, he may not use shaving cream but that didn't mean he didn't still own shaving cream. Sure enough, I found a nice pretty white and red can of Gillette Foamy in the cabinet. The packaging looked a bit retro to me, but borrowers can not be choosers. So I blew the dust off the red plastic top on the can and checked the label.
Made in 1990. An 18 year old can of Foamy. Would it even work? Would the shaving cream be a beautiful white, foamy mound in my hand as I sprayed it out? Would the propellant even work? Would a brown puddle of rusty gunk splat out when I pressed the button? Has anyone ever used 18 year old shaving cream before?
I pushed the button down. A thick, bright, stiff, white pile of Foamy filled my hand. I dabbed some on after sniffing its clean, spicy, clean aroma. Perfect! The finest shaving cream I've ever employed. I even treated myself to a second shaving it was so good.
So, now I'm back home and beginning construction of a shaving cream cellar next to the existing wine cellar. I plan to buy up many different vintages of cream and lay down a few cans in the cellar. Today's free tip to other enthusiasts--- 1990 was an excellent year for Gillette Foamy. But make sure you collect some of the production from earlier in the season as the later 1990 vintages are a bit limp.