Monday, March 31, 2008

Poll Of Young Americans Shocks Adults Who Don't Know Any Young Americans

Saturday it was pointed out here how the film industry put out an anti-America movie once again and found to their surprise that it bombed. We say surprise because they just keep doing it, over and over and over so surprise is the kindest thing we can say about such idiocy. Sort of like the surprise one gets when lighting a match in a room full of TNT. For the twelfth time.

Americans aged 21-29 are a prime movie-going group. The ad agency J. Walter Thompson paid for some polling to find out how this demo group thinks about some core values. To parents of young Americans in this age group the poll simply affirms what was already known. But, I suspect, in entertainment board rooms the results are so shocking and counterintuitive that they'll be dealt with in the only way possible: IGNORE THE DATA!

Data like: "94 percent of millennials (21-29 y.o.) respect monogamy and parenthood and 84 percent revere marriage, the survey found 88 percent said they respect the U.S. Constitution, 84 percent respect the military and more than three-quarters believe in the 'American dream.' "

No doubt Hollywood, run by baby boomers, will just keep cranking out crap targeted at the 16% of millennials who DON'T respect the US Military and the 6% who don't revere parenthood. Most of what these people know about young Americans they learn from watching movies and TV produced by other people in their social group who don't know anything about young adults.

Or, they might know someone in Toluca Lake or Encino who actually has a kid. Maybe.

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